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What sparked the revolution

March 27, 2017

how it all began  |  aks

From the very first day, AKS has always thought and done things in its own way. From our hi-top to low-top collection, avant-garde ideas and simplistic yet uncompromising designs that bring comfort to another level are what set us apart. 


Throwing the rules of style out of the window, we decided to merge the formal and the casual together. So, we started creating hybrid footwear from Italian vegetable tanned leather.


The end result: versatile shoe styles that can be dressed up or down effortlessly, while possessing maximum comfort, anatomical support and exceptional durability.

At the end of 2016, the first Andrew Kayla Sports collection was born, consisting of three unique silhouettes: the ‘Low Top’, ‘High Top’ and ‘Rider’. AKS design team pitched this collection to friends and customers, and it soon became clear that everybody loved it .

There’s Andrew Kayla Sports, a ground-breaking sports casual hybrid that made its debut in our time, and a modern footwear movement in the making.


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